P.F. Shame

April 21, 2005
Well, last night’s outing to P.F. Changs (finally) was not the healthy little trip I thought it would be. Of course, when you order a dessert that weighs in at 1897 CALORIES, but you think it’s okay because it’s called Banana Spring Rolls – well . . .

I didn’t eat the whole thing, of course. We shared it. But still. Bananas, honey, brown sugar and cinnamon, deep fried in spring roll wrappers surrounded a giant scoop of coconut ice cream – all of which is drizzled with caramel and white chocolate sauce or something . . . TO DIE FOR.

Well – just LOOK at it for Pete’s sake –

Anyway – I ordered the Broccoli Beef- which I guess was okay. (It was just about the lowest carb entry on the menu.) The amount I ate only came to 300 calories. Then I had the brown rice- which I was so sure was just the most healthy thing I could ever shovel into my gaping maw. Yeah – ANOTHER 350 calories.

So – I went over my total caloric goal by 10 calories. But – I don’t like that.

Anyway- I’m going to my first “big” meeting today. Meeting with a local magazine editor to discuss this mag they’re putting together for us. It will be interesting because they used to know me as Dr. R’s assistant so they’ll be all “Aren’t you that Secretary?” Ah well –

I guess I will always deal with those “who are you trying to fool?” or “who do you think you are?” issues deep in the back of my mind. So far, I’m doing okay.

Well – Kathleen is in town from NYC – so we’ll do lunch today.

More later.

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