Mr. B’s First Signs of “Acting Out”

April 27, 2005
Good grief! Is it Wednesday, already?

Ah well – time flies when you are . . . doing whatever.

So – what is up?

Well-still very excited about the Beanie photos. Went out and bought a little album to put them in that I can carry around in my purse like a dork and whip out at both appropriate and inappropriate intervals. This is my right, people!!!

You know what was interesting about the whole sonogram/scan process?

For so many years I’ve been having tests like these to look for bad things, like tumors and cysts and broken bones and cancers, etc. So it was a bit odd to be peering inside my body and looking for something good. And whoa- how GOOD it was!!!! Amazing!

In other news of the “other child” . . .

He pulled an incredible stunt on Sunday – purposefully or not, I don’t know.

We get home from church and lunch – are stopped at the gate so I can get out and let him in the house –only there’s NO MR. B!!! So I’m frantically plodding around the yard calling him and then . . . I hear him barking. But from inside the house.


So – I go towards the door and sure enough, he’s in there. AND the alarm is beeping and lights are blinking. So I run in and punch in the code. I assume that I thought I’d let him out but that he stayed behind when I closed the door. I also assumed that maybe he didn’t trigger the alarm. Maybe he stayed still on a floor pillow and didn’t trip the sensor.

HA! Not the case!

What really happened is that I did let him out, only I didn’t close the door all the way. Enough for the sensor to think it was closed, but not enough for the long, aggressive nose of one MISTAH B!!!

And so, promptly after we left – he did, what I can only assume, is his “routine” check of the door, nosed it open, trotted in and set off the alarm. Which began a chain of events ending in the POLICE coming to my house, casing the joint and leaving him inside with the door locked and the alarm beeping.

We found out all of this through a series of messages on Chad’s cell phone from the alarm company – the cell phone which he left on silent so as not to disturb the church service and then forgot to unsilence it afterwards.

So – Mr. B singlehanded(pawed)ly summoned the police.

Methinks he’s already beginning to get jealous of the “new sibling” on the way.

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