The Tell-Tailbone

May 02, 2005
Well Ė according to Sample Whore, whom I was examined by today, itís possibly a bruised or broken tailbone.

Yah fun!

I heard that it can take a very long time to heal. Sooooo Ė no drugs for me. Ah well Ė itís time I started toughening up and preparing my body for the pain of it being ripped apart.

The weekend was nice. Quite relaxing. Iím not ďbeing all that I can beĒ in terms of diet lately, though. I still havenít gained any weight Ė but . . . itís just not good. I just canít even put a green bean to my lips at this point. The thought makes me want to gag. And broccoli, and carrots and peas and the like. EGH! I just want chicken fingers and hamburgers.


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