Thatís Why I Married Him I Guess

May 03, 2005
Chad has really been stepping up to the plate lately. Let me just tell you what I had waiting for me when I arrived home last night.

Heíd bought fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and stuffed the aforementioned deliciousness into chicken breasts, which he encrusted with parmesan and Italian breadcrumbs and then baked. THEN he made pasta with marinara and put more little cubes of the mozzarella on top right before serving. He also made me green beans (sans the brown sugar this time- thank GOD Ė I donít know if I mentioned his freshman effort to fix green beans for me which included a heaping of brown sugar. Of course, coming from a person who eats no vegetables . . .)

Anyway Ė it was so fabulous. I sat down to rest and before I knew it, he was bringing out my lemonade, my plate and utensils. My first bite of the melty, marinara covered mozzarella cube literally made tears spring to my eyes.

Tonight heíll be cooking pork tenderloin. I can hardly wait.

Heís been staying at home this week since his trip to D.C. was cancelled Ė so heís been washing clothes, tidying up, etcÖ.


Heís also let me know that heís going to definitely get another job because he doesnít want to miss out on any of babyís early years with all of this travel. Heís worked something out with his job Ė so theyíll let him stay on with them for the next six months but he will be looking for work as well.

Is that not a good sign of a great future Dad or what?

Anyway Ė Iíve been spending entirely too much time looking at baby photos online. I just canít help myself with all the baby lusciousness. And sometimes, Iíll see one and Iíll think - That one kind of looks like me and Chad. Yeah Ė our baby might look like that. And then Iíll pause and look at it and pretend itís our baby.

Am I crazy or what?

Tomorrow will make 11 weeks!!! Only 1 more week to go before the second trimester. Hurrah!

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