Saved by the IRS!

May 10, 2005
Well – my boy has come up with a solution to all of my maternity leave woes. Turns out the tax refund time happens right when my paychecks will stop coming!!! AND we’ll probably have just the right amount to make it work out – maybe even more, since we’ll get the child credit.

Isn’t that cool?!?!

I was too thrilled when he told me that yesterday. Imagine – the damn IRS saving my life next year. It’s such a strange little paradox.

Today is our 2 year anniversary. And, may I add, that it was this blog that reminded the man last night at 8 PM!!!!! He was reading it and making comments here and there and then when he got to the part where I “reminded him” he pretty much made this face:

He had forgotten.

(And all women reading this simultaneously shake their heads and roll their eyes)

Anyway – he did make dinner reservations tonight at Ruffino’s which I love!!! We haven’t been there in probably 2 years, so it’s a great place to go AND it’s near our house which makes it even better. They have Chocolate Crème Brulee there! To die for!!

Anyway – got on the scale this morning and I haven’t gained any weight. Of course, if I could only weigh naked at the Doctor’s office . . . this would make a big difference. Perhaps I can demand that they weigh me only after I have the gown on. Hmmm . . . This might be a possibility. I have an appointment on Friday afternoon.

Tomorrow I will be 12 weeks pregnant!!!

For weeks I thought that this would signify the beginning of my second trimester, but I keep hearing different things –that it’s not until you are 13.3 weeks or that it’s not until you are 14 weeks. I don’t know what to think.

Anyway- that’s about all from my little corner of the universe. Feeling much better today (YAY CLEAN HAIR!!!)

More later . . .

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