Just When Don Johnson’s “Heartbeat” Was Almost Out of My Head

May 16, 2005
Well – I guess I don’t mind it being in my head because it prompts me to think about the fact that WE HEARD THE HEARTBEAT ON FRIDAY for the first time!!!!

It was quite a cool experience.

Well – at first we didn’t think we were going to have any luck because I have quite a bit of, um, padding in the stomach area (or what I cutely refer to as the “roo pouch”). So she had to dig that Doppler thingy as hard as she could and then at some point, she made me “lift” the giant roo pouch as far up as I could (it was kissing my breasts) so she could dig some more.

And then we heard it – the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

So cool.

Although I will say that it’s nothing like seeing it during a sonogram. I was glad to hear that it was still in there “baking” but . . . to see that tiny little arm wiggle . . . There’s nothing like it.

We attempted to convince her to let us have another ultrasound “peek.”

Come on . . . we’ll let Chad operate the machinery. He’s good with computer stuff. That way you won’t even have to pay a tech for the time. Come on . . . we just want to peek in.

Of course the answer was no.


Anyway – as far as the weight goes – the scale showed a four pound gain. And NO they wouldn’t let me weigh with just the gown because “she’s not going to examine you so you don’t need a gown.”

I should’ve said, “Look I’ll wash the damn gown myself if that’s what you’re worried about – wasting a ‘clean one’ on a psycho pregnant bitch” – But I didn’t.

So – I played it the smart way.

When she came in (the doctor) I immediately began moaning my chagrin about my weight gain and how devastated I was.

See – if you’re already punishing yourself – they don’t punish –instead they say things like:

“Oh now stop feeling bad!!! Don’t beat yourself up. I didn’t say you weren’t going to gain any weight. I just said to try not to gain any extra weight.”

Then Chad had to out me with the phrase:

“Well maybe if you wouldn’t have lunch at places like TACO BELL!”

He spit out the words “taco bell” like he would a lone pea in his mouthful of fried rice.


So I was told to please take care of myself and eat good stuff for me and the baby.

Anyway – after our visit – we hit a couple of baby stores. Chad has a funny blog about it here.

The weekend overall was relatively nice – except for the a/c going out part. We got it fixed though thanks to his friend Tony – so that’s a good deal.

What else did we do? Ah – we attended a “Meet the Groom” crawfish boil for Georgi. I don’t know if I mentioned she’s getting married? Anyway – it was way out in Luling – but we had a great time.

That’s about all for now – more later.

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