Friday Flashback – Wicked (Cool) Games and other Junior High Antics

May 20, 2005
This isn’t really a story per se, but a little something I think will cause all of us to travel back in time to the good ol’ days when the littlest childhood “talent” could deem us “cool.” And I ain’t talking about piano lessons and ballet class.

Thus – a questionnaire is in order:

1. Did you have the amazing ability to gleek?

For those of you who don’t know what gleeking is – it’s the power to somehow do a strange move with your tongue, thereby causing a perfect stream of spittle to spring from your mouth like a bizarre poison spitting frog.

I could not gleek. I STILL cannot gleek.

2. Could you make that armpit fart noise?

I couldn’t do that either – and I know that the armpit fart wasn’t as much of a girl thing – but I know that if I secretly tried in the bathroom before taking my bath – then other girls had to.

3. Could you make that drip sound by plucking the side of your cheek and opening your mouth?

I couldn’t! Waaah! I’m trying again right now and AGAIN – nothing.

4. What about blowing spit bubbles?

Okay – I’ll admit – I’m only asking that one because that was one of the things I could do. I remember looking across a crowded class and opening my mouth to form a perfect spitbubble.

“Ewwww!” Shelley squealed.

Good times.

5. Were you able to belch out full sentences? Complete conversations?

Again, not my forte. It did seem that belching the alphabet was quite popular, though.

6. Could you speak in fluent jibberish?

Shown here – Dithagont yithagou withagish yithagou nithagew jithagibbithagerithagish?

Translation: Don’t you wish you knew jibbererish?
Well – I do wish, because I don’t know. However, my best friend and I once made up our own code alphabet. We could write fluently in it – alas, reading each other’s letters took hours.

7. Could you put anything up your nose and make it come out of your mouth?

I’m kinda glad I didn’t possess this talent, actually. This trick is usually seen on “spaghetti” days in the cafeteria.

Okay and I considered adding ear wiggling, double jointed gross out tricks and the ability to talk like Donald Duck – but . . . I chose against that.

And now – for the “Remember that shit?” section of the Flashback.

Hand Slapping Games – Usually sung to “Miss Susie had a baby” I remember there was one where we said “a biscuit” somewhere in there, but I can’t remember all of it.

Chinese Jump Rope - I know I played with this thing but I couldn’t begin to tell you how that shit works.

Paper Football - Chad and I still play sometimes at restaurants when we get bored waiting for the food. At least- restaurants with paper napkins.

Pencil Crack competitions I never played for fear of lead poisoning but I did cheer on my dream boy of the moment. I do know that it was illegal to use a husky pencil (remember those fat ones we had in kindergarten?)

Those delicious paper fortune telling games Remember MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House)? Wendy did one called FLAMES (Friends, Lovers, Acquaintances, Enemies and she didn’t tell me what the S was for). She did the game for Chad and I and it said we’d be MARRIED!!! I must admit, my heart skipped a little. Oh yeah and that paper thingy with the colors and the numbers.

AND if you forgot how to make one (as I did) here are the instructions.

ANYway – hope this wasn’t as lame as some of those stupid SPAM lists I used to get in my inbox that were only funny maybe the first SEVEN times I got them.

I was trying to give that concept some class. (heh heh pun intented)

Hope I succeeded.

AND if I’ve left anything out, please feel free to add!!!

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