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June 01, 2005
I donít know what to write about today. I guess it will be sad, boring complaints as usual.

I burst into tears at work earlier. Because I found out my Dad and Sara got a cat and I thought ďDonít cats smother babies or something?Ē

Okay Ė I googled it so I know itís a myth Ė but I became paralyzed with fear. NOT TO MENTION the fact that Jimbo, Jessie, Joey and Me are all allergic to cats. Mine and Joeyís allergies are the only 2 to be actually diagnosed, so . . . I donít want to start a big thing over it. I mean Ė I like cats. I like animals. Especially dachshunds and otters. Iíve just never had a trusting relationship with a cat because Iíve never owned one.

I am currently in round ligament hell. Only at work, though. Apparently, itís the way Iím sitting in my chair, so right now Iím all leaned bag Fat Jo thugginí style. I look like I should be behind the wheel of some very large pimped-out ride.

Anyway Ė for those of you who donít know what round ligament hell means Ė hereís the definition: (I have added the caps and bolding for emphasis)

Round ligament pain is generally a brief, SHARP, STABBING pain or a longer-lasting, dull ache that you may feel on one or both sides of your lower abdomen or DEEP IN YOUR GROIN, usually starting in your second trimester. It happens when the ligaments that support your uterus in your pelvis stretch and thicken to accommodate and support its growing size. You may feel a short JABBING sensation if you suddenly change position, such as when you're getting up from a bed or chair or when you cough, roll over in bed, or get out of the bathtub. Or you may feel a dull ache after a particularly active day, if you've been walking a lot or doing some other physical activity. Call your caregiver if this discomfort continues even after you've rested.

So Ė I called the doctor yesterday for a two-fold reason. To find out if we could find out of the sex of the baby on our next visit because I really need to get this nursery theme thing going. They were not hearing it. 20 weeks! 20 weeks was all they could say. So then I ask them about the round ligament torture and theyíre all ďOh yeah. Thatís normal. No big deal.Ē


Jabbing and stabbing deep in the groin is just no big deal.

Let me go into greater detail. When I stand up from this chair, I immediately double over in pain, right where my legs meet my happy (not so happy now?) place. I feel like both of my groin muscles are paralyzed. It takes me at least 20 seconds to be able to stand up straight and walk. My muscles are so tight. AND I feel like all of my insides are just going to drop out. Thereís so much pressure.

Thatís all.

No biggie.

As far as good news goes, the scale showed Iíd lost a pound from yesterday. AND I KNOW IíM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TRYING TO DIET! And Iím NOT! I guess I just ate better. Iím probably retaining a lot of water. In fact- my feet are kind of swollen.

Last night we felt a little lost with American Idol being over and everything. We werenít sure what to do Ė haha. So - we watched an awesome show last night on Discovery Health channel called - Building Babies: Inner Adventure. It was so cool. I was quite emotional and Chad was dumbfounded mostly. The usual.

Anyway Ė Mr. Shmoo is home cooking his crockpot roast with veggies. I cannot WAIT to eat this! Itís so good!

Well more later. Enough whining for now.

P.S. Iím 15 weeks pregnant today! Go Beanie Go!

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