June 02, 2005
So it turns out itís an outside cat (for mice) Ė WHEW!

Wait a minute . . .?

Thereís a VERMIN problem?

Just kidding . . . just kidding.

They live in front of a cane field, so every year when the cane is cut Ė the mice flee for the houses. I know because I grew up on the other side of that cane field.

Anywho Ė itís been a relatively uneventful day. Except for the fact that maybe I might have pissed off the student worker to the point where she may want to slash my tires or hurt me. Sheís quite bitter.

Anyway Ė itís all about these newsclippings and copies and Iím dreading the confrontation later on.

In the words of my Minnesotan stepdad:


I pray there will not be any ugly exchanges.

Iíve been craving snow cones like mad lately. I just had one earlier. It was SO good. It almost makes me want to go and get another one after work. But I shant!!!

Well Ė thatís about all. Today is boring. Sorry.


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