Ginger is . . .

June 14, 2005
(Because today is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO dull and I wouldn’t want to bore anyone with the play by play, I decided to do this little exercise. Google “Your Name + is” and see what comes up.)

So – Ginger is:

1. native to India and China.
2. traditionally restricted to sweet foods. (Ain’t that the truth?)
3. usually old.
4. supposed to be a fun invention that comes in two models, Metro and Pro, will cost about $2000 and be an easy sell.
5. a nervous, yet nice, 12 year old pre-teen.
6. an 11-month-old 7 pound Yorkie that was born a
hermaphrodite; she also has a grade 2-3 heart murmur.
7. the hot spice of 2004.
8. safe during pregnancy. (Whewwwwwww!)
9. a girl who walked in the woods and came back as the wolf disguised as a teenage virgin, a wolf in girl's clothing.
10.very smart.
11. also believed to be an aphrodisiac, so give this gift to the one you love.
12. not nutritionally impressive. (Yeah, tell me about it!)
13. usually packaged in chunks. (Now that’s just cruel!)
14. the Director of Phoenix Family Advocacy Center.
15. such a power drummer and really toms-concentrated.
16. a beautiful flashy brindle with natural ears.
17. quite a lady and never stops.
18. the ultimate pursed-mouth coiffured-hair beauty of arch femininity.
19. selected by Mr. Tweedy as a test chicken for the machine--pay back for her previous escape attempts.
20. the Cutest. (Aw thanks!)

BONUS!!! Can you name the people or things they're really referring to in #4, #9, #15, #18 and #19????

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