June 21, 2005
I’m trying not to be too bummed about this “home alone” business. I guess last night wasn’t so bad – because I actually did some work around the house –which is good.

My need for pizza has surpassed all other needs!!!!

It is insane.

And really it doesn’t have to be pizza, per se – I just want to dip things in large vats of marinara sauce. I guess marinara isn’t so bad. It was only last week that I realized Oh yeah . . . it’s made from tomatoes!

Silly moi!

Anyway – I’ve been sitting on a search committee panel for most of the morning. Blah! So very dull. It’s quite draining to try and look interested at what these people are saying and telling you – especially when they feel like they have to tell you every single thing they ever accomplished in life.

That’s great that you pooped the perfect letter J last night, Mrs. Desperate, and that it just happens to be your dead great aunt’s initial . . . but we don’t really do a lot of “bowel writing” in this office. Now grant writing, that’s another thing . . .

It’s very strange to not have someone to go home to. I know I’m back on this tangent again – but it is.

I mean, even when I officially “moved out” I still lived with my sister. I still had someone to leave notes for and call and check in with, etc.

(If Mr. B could read this blog, he would be mortally offended by the fact that I just said I had no one to go home to.)

Okay, Mr. B – sorry dude. I do have you to go home to.

Which leads me to think – Am I going to end up being one of those people that always has to have someone to take care of?

Who knows?

So – what else???

I need some new music in my life! Any suggestions??? The last new cd I bought was the new Tori Amos. It’s pretty good – but I’m in the mood for discovery. Since I no longer listen to college radio faithfully anymore – because of my NPR obsessive nurdery – I feel so out of the loop. And yet – if I don’t here the name Kofi Annan at least once a day – my life just isn’t complete.

Perhaps I’m just getting “old.” Perhaps I’ll be relegated to listening to all of my old CDs forever and ever. It scares me when I haven’t found something new to like and listen to in a month or so.

Sometimes, I’ll have “reverse discovery” which is also very cool. I’ve recently discovered that “Echo and the Bunnymen” have so much more to offer than “The Killing Moon” – only they no longer even exist as a band. I came to love Siouxsie and the Banshees too – just recently.

Maybe everything I need to discover was already recorded 30 years ago.

Anyway – sorry this entry is all over the place. It’s been one of those days.

How about a photo?– just to make it that much more random.

Let's hope this is how he's feeling without me.

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