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July 06, 2005


Can you believe it???

I almost couldnít. And I knowÖI know what I said about thinking pink and everything Ė but the joy in Chadís face was worth it!

So you want to know the reason I didnít post last night?

Well Ė we went out to have our celebratory dinner and immediately after taking my last swallow of Mexican food, I had to rush to the bathroom and projectile vomit for 10 minutes. Not good. I was terrified I had food poisoning. Well Ė after getting home, I didnít throw up any more, which I think is a good sign, but I felt weak and weird for the rest of the night.

And NOW I have to travel to Austin today for a conference. Totally do not feel like it. I just ate an English muffin and drank some Sprite. If I canít keep that down, then I donít think Iíll be going. Hope the flight is refundable.

Anyway - here is the PROOF POSITIVE photo:

The lovely profile:

And the terrifying skeletor face shot. Okay Ė so itís still cute.

Check out the video complete with BABYíS NAME REVEAL here. Youíll have to wait a minute for it to load Ė and Iíll give you a hint Ė if you donít have the sound turned up Ė you wonít know the name. (Oh and the last images are the BEST! Just look at MY BOY!!! Isn't he the cutest?!?)

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