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July 11, 2005
Well – I’m finally back on the blog horse – after a nice vacation.

Actually, I would have written sooner – but the stupid, fricking HEAVY laptop I lugged with me to Austin was dead. I was QUITE frustrated about that.

Not to mention that they charged 34 CENTS A MINUTE to use the internet at this damn hotel’s business center.

Overall – I had a pretty decent time.

Wendy and I decided to trade rooms, since I had the normal standard room and she had the SO GIGANTIC YOU COULD BOWL IN IT handicapped room. She figured the pregnant woman needed the HUMONGO SHOWER LARGE ENOUGH FOR FIVE complete with 3 bars AND a seat. And NO I didn’t use the seat during my showers. When you think about it – it’s kind of gross. I mean – at least a toilet has a hole so all the nasty bits are suspended – but with a seat . . . well – you can just imagine what may lurk there.

Anyway – I didn’t leave the hotel except to trudge to the nearby TGI Friday’s the night we got in – 3 hours late and way past the hotel restaurant’s closing time. The next time I left was to waddle onto the Super Shuttle.

And here’s some irony for you – on TWO of my four flights, I was scheduled to sit in the exit row – you know the one. Where you can actually move your legs a bit. Well – upon finding out that I was pregnant, they instantly snatched me out of the seat – on both occasions.

I was like – “Well I can still use my arms people!” And what about the “superhuman” strength that mothers can supposedly muster?

Ah well.

I’ll tell you that I milked this pregnant condition for all it was worth. ALL it was worth! Sadly, my attempts to get bumped up to first class were no good – they were all full.

Anyway – I arrived home on Friday evening and spent the entire weekend vegging hard.

We did venture out on Saturday evening –went to Target and bought our first gender-oriented item – a tiny blue pair of slippers with little footballs on them. Very cyoot!

Anyway – and here I am back on the chain gang at work. More later.

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