Wild About Harry

July 18, 2005
Well Ė last night at about 8:20, I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Ė in under 24 hours.

Yes. I am a nerd.

I donít know if Iíve ever mentioned that Iím a big Potter fan?

I waited for years to began reading the series (fear of hype) Ė in fact, I didnít read them all until last year around Christmas Ėso this is the first time Iíve ever had to wait for the next book to come out.

I really enjoyed it. Obviously Iím not going to give anything away Ė but I just really liked it.


In other news- I AM IN PAIN!!! I donít know if this is where the pregnancy goes from semi-uncomfortable to horrifically and ridiculously uncomfortable or what. I donít know if I just need to have a good BM. I donít know why I feel like Iím about to start my period 24 hours a day.

Iím having low back pain on my left side and a lot of pain in my lower abdomen Ė way low. Just like period cramps Ė except all the time.

Of course I called the doctor.

Of course they told me it was probably ligaments.


Hmmm Ė letís do an anagram search on that word, shall we?

IT MANGLES (not surprised)

MALE STING (Oh yes Ė a MALE did this to me and boy does it STING!)

GIN LAMEST (Is this Gin at her lamest? Well Ė not at her absolute lamest, but . . .)

ANGST MILE (actual itís more like the ďAngst MarathonĒ)


Letís see Ė what else is going on? Wendyís art show is tonight. That should be fun Ė if Iím not wheelchair bound by then.
Visited the inlaws yesterday. That was nice. Sadly, I told them I needed to take a nap, when really I just needed to read 200 more pages of Harry Potter. Oh well Ė I was resting Ė and thatís what counts, right?

Not much else is happening Ė Chad just left for Denver. The week should keep me busy Ė with the show tonight and Georgiís shower on Thursday Ė not to mention the day of voice-over recording on Wednesday that Jimbo and I will be doing for my powerpoint presentation.

I donít think I mentioned that either Ė Iím doing this huge presentation for our awards day in August. Right now itís 76 slides. There will be a voice-over on each slide announcing the winner and then giving a quote. And then I have to choose music for show background. Not sure about that one. Will probably do jazz or new age this year Ė did movie themes last year. Anyway Ė the whole thing will probably be half a gig before itís over with Ė and then Iíll have to run it at the ceremony and pray that the computer doesnít stall.

I went through all of this last year.

Anyway Ė thatís about all for now. Woulndít want to drone on and on about the little things. More later.

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