Hey Jude (Volume 1 – July 2005)

July 20, 2005
(Well – I was going to do this on the 23rd of each month, since he’s supposed to arrive on the 23rd – but since July 23rd is on a Saturday and I try not to write on the weekends – I’ll give it a go today. Hell – maybe he’ll come early . . .)

Well little man, you are 22 weeks old today – actually, officially you are 20 weeks old (if we want to get technical) but I’m going to say that even when you were 2 cells on day one, you were still you.

Eck – but enough about politics . . .

Anyway – according to the experts you are able to pick up and react to more stimuli. For example, music, sudden loud noises, or vibrations from a bus ride can supposedly stir you into activity.

If you heard a muffled, deep voice saying “I love you” about 3 days ago – that was daddy. He was yelling into my belly button (you’ll find out about those when you’re out – but it’s what under that little rope coming out of your belly.)

Oh – and about that rope – try not to get it around your neck – if you can. It won’t make for a pretty arrival if you do.

Your brain is growing rapidly and will continue to grow for the next five years – a good thing. And although you’re gaining important amounts of fat, you are still very lean at 1% body fat. Your eyelids are making blinking movements though they are still fused shut. You are about the size of a child's mini Nerf football. (You and daddy will be playing with these quite a bit in the future!)

This week nerve endings become functional enough so that you can feel! They say you may experiment with this new sense of touch by stroking your face or feeling other body parts to see how they move. They say I may feel you stretching his muscles by pushing against the muscular wall of your uterus with your feet or head. I have definitely felt this for the past couple of days.

Other developments taking place this week include:

• You will form distinct lips. (TO KISS US WITH!)

• Testes, which have been tucked up inside your pelvis, will begin to descend into your scrotum this week and immature sperm will form in the seminal vesicles. (The purpose of all of this will be explained to you in about 7 or so years. We haven’t decided. Just know that anything you hear from a kid on the bus or the playground probably isn’t true!)

• Your eyes will complete formation, although the iris (the colored part of the eye) will still lack pigment. I hope you have daddy’s eyes, myself. They’re one of the first things I noticed about him – so beautiful.

• Your pancreas, essential to hormone production, will continue to develop steadily.

You weigh a little under 1 lb. (14 - 15oz.) and you’re about 10.5 - 10.8 inches from head to toe. You’re also growing eyelashes and eyebrows, which will be our main method of communication with you in terms of being happy, unhappy,
confused or interested. You will also use these eyelashes to wrap us around your little finger and we will do so, willingly and without shame.

So – I suppose we’ll be meeting you in about 126 days!!! I hope those days will fly by! I can’t wait to meet you!

I know that you’re liking it in there, especially the little seat that you’ve made for yourself. Well – this “tuffet” is also known as Mommy’s bladder. Perhaps you could try Mommy’s kidney or Mommy’s pancreas or something? I’m sure it’s just as warm and comfy. However – I do suppose that as long as you’re sitting on my bladder, you can’t kick it –so perhaps that’s a good thing.

So far, you’ve acquired quite a bit of clothing – which you will most likely have a love hate relationship with. Sadly, here in our world, clothes are a requirement – at least in most places.

You also received a very cool Baby Bjorn carrier yesterday from our friend Biodtl. Daddy and I will be able to carry you close to us when we’re walking. I think you’ll like it. I hear its very snuggly.

Well my love, until next time . . .

We love you and we can’t wait to see you.



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