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August 01, 2005
Happy Monday to all! Had a relatively decent weekend punctuated by our inaugural supper club meeting (good) and me seeing my old evil boss at Jason’s Deli (terrifying). He did NOT see me, thank GOD. I desperately tried not to wish that he would choke on whatever he was eating – after all, we’d just gotten out of church.

Anywho –

Let’s talk about pop culture, shall we? I feel like having one of those “Have you seen . . .?/Have you heard . . .?” conversations – even if it’s only with myself.

Brat Camp

I LOVE this show. I started watching from day one and got totally hooked. I really hope that these kids get it together in the end and don’t go back to their wicked ways when they get home. I’m maniacally rooting for all of them. I’m at home – watching, cheering, crying hysterically – when this is on. It’s quite pathetic now that I think about it. I seem to have emotionally invested a bit too much. (Will began considering ways to ‘uninvest’) Actually, I think I know what it is – it’s because I’m pregnant and worried about being a screw-up – and then I see these awful kids and think – OH MY GOD please do not let this happen to my boy!

Fruit & Walnut Salad at McD’s

Just had it for the first time today and I must admit – I love it. The only downside – a bit pricey.

Hollaback Girl

What the hell is up with the whole bananas thing? Does anyone know?

Emergence of New Horrific Stretchmarks

Oh wait- my bad. That’s just a “Ginger is pregnant” thing.

Being Bobby Brown

Every snippet I’ve seen of this is nothing short of HORRIFIC. Take for instance – yesterday, when I was cruising through the channels and saw Whitney taking care of a zit on Bobby’s face. These people are disgusting. I almost got sucked in to this trainwreck – but I changed the channel just in time.


Why the backlash? I still like them.

Bronson Pinchot on Surreal Life

This dude incites such terror in me that I have to turn away. He looks so CRAZY! He looks like he’d kill you as soon as look at you. Sooooooooo creepy. Balki Bartokomous, what the hell happened?

Okay – so maybe he was always creepy.

Oh and on that note – there’s also something very, very scary about Kirstie Alley’s face. When stars began to look like Disney villains as they age . . . well – there’s just nothing creepier.

See what I mean . . .

$40 A Day

Does Rachel Ray’s insipid laugh almost send you into seizures too?

Tom Cruise

Now I’m just tired of other people saying how tired they are of him. Does that make sense?

Okay – I guess that’s about all. Back to work for Gingee.

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