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August 09, 2005
Well – when life gives you lemons in the form of a VW Beetle . . .

I decided to take it into the shop yesterday. I thought – Hell, if it’s just a leak . . .

HAHA – to quote yesterday’s entry:

“Apparently there is a leak in some air conditioner hose. Although I know what’s going to happen if we take it in.

Oh – it’s the compressor. Yep – that’s what it is, ma’am. That will be $2200, please.”

Well – I’m officially a PSYCHIC! Send me your questions ASAP!

Of course, I was waaaay off on the estimate. It’s only $1028.


I was going to go into the speech about how I don’t even want to spend $3 on an air freshener for that bitch; much less OVER A GRAND – but . . . I just gave the pat response of the ages:

Let me talk to my husband about that and get back with you.

Guess I’ll be calling them back in a bit to say – thanks but NO thanks.

They should already know they’re dealing with a crazy person. If you could have seen the way I looked when I walked into that place. Like a crazed pregnant wildebeest!

My hair was BUCK WILD (since I’d been riding with the windows down) – and then it began to rain. So my hair was like – wet n’ wild.

Oh and of course my eyes were glowing red.

Then when I handed over the remote key to the car (which I recently had to put back together with scotch tape because it fell apart) I got a snicker from the counter dude and I think I may have actually growled.

Thank God for my in-laws who are going to my house today to “tidy up a bit” and pick up the car. In the meantime, I’m in Chad’s car (he’s out of town, of course).


And now for the “Fables of the Deconstruction” . . .

My dad and Sara and Jimbo came over last night to dismantle the bed. Actually – they decided that the entire room should be dismantled. And so, somehow, we managed to get everything out. The 2 bookcases FULL of books, the large dresser AND the bed.

The dresser and bookcases were moved into what I’m going to very kindly refer to as “the new honeymoon suite.”

This is actually what should have happened two years ago – when we had the whole “wedding” and everything.

So – it’s going to be strange.

See – what basically happened is that we moved into the house, discovered quite quickly that we couldn’t share the bed and then I moved into the spare room – which happened to be an exact replica of the room I’ve always had to myself – complete with my cutesy knickknacks, artwork on the walls, and girly stuff all about.

And so now that “the merge” has taken place – it’s like it’s finally time for me to grow up and leave my room behind. It’s quite bizarre.

I’m going to actually have to go through this crap and throw stuff away. I’m actually going to have to “let go.”

The shell of the room (a.k.a. the nursery) is a DISASTER!!! Mr. B had apparently turned the “under the bed” area into his own ultra-secret personal pee pad. Not good. It’s a miracle I’m not dead, considering the filth and the dust in that room.

I just debriefed Chad’s mother on the “state of the filth” and begged her not to judge us nor my ability to be a good mother.

I can’t believe how much work there is to do.

The one good thing I can say . . .

I haven’t once cried during all of this upheaval.


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