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August 16, 2005
Well – back at work today after a VERY long weekend – which included our annual conference day in New Orleans (and that mega powerpoint presentation which went off without a hitch, thankyouverymuch).

Anywho – so Chad got in on Friday afternoon and I had to pick him up from the airport, since I had his car.

At 7:00 that night, we went to our church where we converted our marriage to a covenant marriage. What in the hell is that? – you’re asking. (No we didn’t join a cult!)

It basically adds an additional level of commitment to your standard marriage –making it harder to get a no-fault divorce and requiring that the couple get counseling if divorce is being discussed. I could almost equal it to us getting our names tattooed on each other or something. In any case – we didn’t see why we shouldn’t do it – especially for the sake of our boy – and so we did.

It was so beautiful. And it was so much better than our first wedding.

We actually looked deeply into each other’s eyes and said the vows and cried. In our original wedding – my elderly uncle who officiated, managed to mention the word “divorce” in the first 20 seconds – which totally pissed Chad off because he is divorced (as well as half of the congregation there that day) and he thought that maybe it was done on purpose to make him feel like shit (which of course it wasn’t) – but . . .

So that sort of put a damper on the rest of the ceremony.

Anyway – afterwards, we went to dinner and then home to our “honeymoon suite.” I thought it was too cool that we just did the vow renewal and then went home to the bedroom we should have had in the first place.

Our first night of sleeping in the same bed was okay. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good. Turns out that the dog didn’t bother him a bit – but that I was the one who snored and flailed about and woke him up repeatedly.

Oh well . . .

In the words of that great philosopher:

Tough titty!

On Saturday, we decided that we’d try to unload the Dung Beetle and get something (anything) else.

We got up super early and what do you know, the Beetle wouldn’t start. Was dead.

How’s that for a sign?

Well – we had to do some car rearrangement to jump the thing off (since the cables weren’t long enough.) So while Chad is moving his car (rather angrily, might I add), he manages to take out the column on the carport. (GASP!) I guess it wasn’t load bearing because the whole thing didn’t collapse – although I’m a little concerned.

Anyway – so we get the piece of crap to start and head for the dealership.

6 hours later . . .

After exhaustion . . .

And haggling . . .

And bag after bag of free popcorn . . .

We drive away in this:

Introducing the 2005 Toyota Camry in Phantom Gray Pearl! (actually, I think the one in the picture is not the right gray –but oh well).

I’m very happy with it. I had an older Camry in the past and it’s such a good car.

So – I’ve been debating on what to name him/her? I considered Earl Grey – because I do feel a bit more sophisticated and “adult” in this car . . .

I also thought about Cam Cam, Camry Diaz, Eeyore, Macy Gray, The Gray Ghost, Smoky Joe, Smokey Robinson, the Judemobile . . . WDYT?

I know – I’m ridiculous.

Still haven’t made a decision. Not that I will or should for that matter.

So – this is my first new car ever! It feels pretty good, I must say – although that “new car smell” is a bit overrated. Smells kinda like fresh ground pepper and feet, if you ask me.

Well – so that’s what’s new – literally.

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