Hey Jude – (Volume 2 – August 2005)

August 24, 2005
Well, little guy – we’re in the home stretch. This week (the 27th week) marks the beginning of our THIRD TRIMESTER! In just a few months we’ll get to meet you and we’re getting pretty excited about it.

You’ve certainly made your presence known in the last month and I couldn’t be happier. To feel you moving around in there is the neatest thing!!! I was telling Daddy that I keep feeling little “drumrolls” every now and then. Maybe you’ll end up being a drummer some day (just please get a day job until you get famous)!

Let’s see – what else is new?

Daddy and I went and picked out stuff for you on Saturday. We hope you like most of it. We tried to pick a lot of cool toys that we thought you would like.

Daddy picked a lot of items with footballs on them. He’s really hoping that he’ll finally have someone in our house to watch (and love) football with.

Your room is going to be done in an “Under the Sea” theme. Heck – you’ve been in water for so long, we thought it might comfort you. We hope you don’t have any natural aversions to fishies and seahorsies.

Oh – I’ve noticed that you tend to get moving after you hear a certain “BARK BARK BARK” noise. That noise is coming from your furry big brother. His name is Mr. B and he is our doggie. We hope that you two get along great and I think Mr. B will love you very much.

Well – let’s see what the experts say about your development at this point:

Around this time you should be opening and closing your eyes which were fused shut for much of the pregnancy.

Other changes that are happening:
• Your lungs are growing rapidly.
• Your brain wave patterns are similar to a newborn at birth. (COOL!)
• You should kick at least ten kicks within a two hour period ( 7-10pm is a very active period). (Yep – I know that!)
• As your hearing continues to develop, some scientists suggest you may start to recognize our voices, although sounds may be muffled because waxy coating still covers your ears. (I hope you don’t mind my singing in the shower and my piano playing!)

Your size (head to rump) this week: 9.7 inches
15.25 inches (head to toes)

Weight: a little more than 2 lbs

You are about the length of a standard kitchen spatula.

Right now, you look like you will at birth, just a little thinner and smaller.

A week from today, we’ll be taking a peek in there to see what’s going on. Just wanted to give you a heads up – in case you needed to tidy up.

Can’t wait to meet you, Jude!

We already love you so much!


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