Friday Flashback: Hairem Scarem

August 26, 2005
Okay – so today’s a bit busy and I’m sorry but I’m going to take the lazy way out. Forgive. I really should be writing about birthdays of yore, since my THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY is Sunday (AHEM) – but that would take too long.

I decided to post a little picture strip of my hair transformation from pre-cancer to now.

From left to right:

Picture 1 - The day before I was diagnosed. Had the “wonder mane” going on. I remember thinking that I probably had cancer, but not really knowing what that meant to me –only that I was getting out of school. I never really thought about death.

Picture 2 -This is me in my wig – very Uma in Pulp fiction, don’t ya think? That was a pretty good day – I spent the day with my grandfather and family in Sulphur, LA. I didn’t mind the wig, really. It was quite like a hat –and the cool thing was you didn’t have to really fix your hair. You washed that wig once a week – put it on the little head thingy and let it dry. You shaped it a bit – but that was it. Quite easy. And it stayed on very securely. I never worried about it coming off.

Picture 3 - The hair is growing back, but I’m still wearing the wig at this point. This photo was taken in a hotel room in Monroe. My cousin was getting married that weekend. I’d just taken chemo the day before and wasn’t feeling so hot.

Picture 4 - And here’s my first visit to the obstetrician pic – the hair I have today. Looks a lot like the wig, I think –only I’ve got layers cut in. I know – I skipped a lot of years – but the strip of photos would be a mile long if I tried to capture every hair whim I ever went through in the past 9 years.

In any case – girl in picture one had no idea what was in store for girl in picture four.

Something to think about . . .

Well – sorry this was lame –but I’m actually busy here. AND I’m leaving early.

Have a great weekend!

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