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September 01, 2005
Well – I don’t know what to say about all of this. There certainly isn’t anything “funny/haha” going on around here.

As of right now, Baton Rouge is the largest city in the state. So you can imagine the swell of people and the chaos everywhere.

About five minutes ago – they had to tell everyone working downtown to leave because refugees in our River Center downtown were robbing people at gunpoint and attempting to steal cars.


I know these people are desperate but . . .

I’m scared, kids.

I’m so torn inside. On the one hand –I feel such pity and mercy for people that have lost everything. On the other hand – I feel like our entire world is being invaded by dangerous people.

Sadly – this is semi-true. There is a very large criminal element in New Orleans that is now here (and some on their way to the Houston Astrodome).

How can I put this in layman’s terms?

Okay –imagine if the entire city of Compton, California were just transported into your town – filling up school gymnasiums and stadiums –with no homes to go back to. Then imagine that these people are not only armed, but insanely angry and a bit on the cuckoo side (because of the lack of sleep, food and water.)

And there you have it.

They are planning to erect a “tent city” less than a mile from my house on the BR Fair grounds for these refugees.

I’m very sorry that I left Mr. B outside today. I hope they haven’t caught him and attempted to cook him!

Okay – maybe I’m saying inflammatory things here.

I’m just venting. Please don’t think bad about me! I’m just trying to be honest and get this out. I want to feel full of Christian love and brotherhood and whatnot. I know that not everyone who’s fled here is criminal minded. That’s just all they’re going to tell about you on the news.

Such is the media.

Anyway – please keep us in your prayers and God help me to keep an open mind (and a locked house).

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