Friday Flashback: Last Great Time in the Big Easy

September 02, 2005
Well – I don’t feel like writing much – but I thought I would repost from another entry months ago.

This was the “last great time” I had in New Orleans – and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repeat this experience. Tres bittersweet. I’m so sad that “mental pictures” are all I have left of that day.

This is from February 21, 2005

“The next day, I decided that it was too great of a day to stay in. So after some thought, I decided to go to New Orleans for the day. Since Chad didn’t want to go because he has anxieties and such- I took Jimbo.

What a GREAT time we had!!!

The cool thing is that I got to introduce him to things- and being who I am, the OLDEST and all –I love doing this. He’d never been to the Pat O’s piano bar. Well we were going! He’d never had a hurricane. Pour them up, bartender! He’d never had a buttery nipple shot- well – we’ll just have to slam some back then!

We walked the streets relatively tipsy – soaking in the sights and sounds. We wandered in and out of galleries on Royal – awestruck by all of the art. We paused to watch street performers and laughed at the antics.

We kinda played this little game of mental picture taking – since we had no camera with us. So when something cool was happening- he’d go – look at that –that is a picture moment. Funny – but they are all in my head now. The kitten sleeping on the antique chair in the gallery, surrounded by paintings of cats. The old man asleep at a table in the Cuban restaurant. The Goths dancing to jazz on the Jackson Square grass.

We left the city at around 8:30. We’d seen a lot – walked about five miles and had the best time either of us had ever had there. I guess it’s because it was just us and we’re so much alike and so laid back. When you go with a group – everyone wants to do something different and you have to wait and it’s annoying.

And although I’d love to go with Chad- New Orleans makes him nervous.
Something about perimeters. Jimbo totally understood the concept. It’s the fact that you’re not only watching out for yourself, but you’re watching out for your girl – for bums and pickpockets and pervs. Anyway –so the perimeter that you’re guarding has doubled. Jimbo said when he went with his ex-girlfriend; he too, was a nervous wreck.

Guess his sister getting robbed and felt up is of no concern.

But seriously – it was great.”

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