September 08, 2005
Oh my God!!!

Things are SO WILD HERE!!!

I can’t even believe I have a moment to type anything at all. Have been kind of in charge of our office’s call center – so that the 21,000 people associated with our organization who are now displaced because of Katrina can call and ask us to help them and we can say – “Well, I don’t know anything, but let me take down your name and number.”

Okay – so sometimes we really help people. But it’s just that we don’t know enough yet about what’s going to happen. And for that matter – NO ONE DOES! Not even the frigging president of the united states.

In any case – I’ve managed to somehow find humor in the situation and it is this: a lot of these displaced people are having to give us their personal email addresses. And MANY of those addresses are silly, if not just downright embarrassing. You can always tell you’re getting an embarrassing one when they spell it out for you:

“Yes, it’s B-I-G-B-O-O-T-Y- L-U-V-R-69 at hotmail dot com.”

We have had so many laughs over the email addresses we get. And sometimes, the people giving their addresses will have a laugh over having to give them out. I guess it’s a good thing.

In other news – the town of Baton Rouge has inflated from a nice 450,000 residents to about a million. In the last week.

You can imagine what this has done to the traffic.

And I KNOW, I KNOW – I have a car to actually drive in traffic – to a home that isn’t underwater, a safe and alive husband and to a very happy wiener dog whom I didn’t have to leave behind to drown.

And yet . . . there is just something about traffic that can just about drive you INSANE. I feel like a raving lunatic the minute I put my key in the ignition. I am raising my fist in a fury at cars – I am screaming into the air – horrible words are coming out of my mouth. Frankly, I sound like I have that version of tourettes where you can’t stop screaming obscenities.

Actually, I was much better this morning. Decided to just suck it up. To leave for work an hour earlier. To take 100 or so CDs with me and then just rotate them.

I finally broke down and had the “good cry” about two days ago after hearing about the body of a seven year old girl they found in the freezer of the convention center in New Orleans. She’d been gang raped and her throat had been slit.

I just couldn’t stop thinking – “What kind of a world am I bringing my child into?”

Speaking of Jude – I’m at 29 weeks now! He got the hiccups for the first time today. It was so cute!!!

Anyway – Chad made this little slideshow thingy the other day. I just found out they did a very similar thing on the Oprah show a few days ago. Well – we were first, I must say.

Here is the link.

Hope to write more soon!

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