The Weekend of Progress

September 26, 2005
In the lovely wake of Hurricane Rita – we were sent home from work early on Friday. Noon to be exact.

It was an event that should have made me rush to my bed and rest – but instead – I somehow had a mini-burst of energy.

Earlier in the week, I’d come to the (hormonally driven) conclusion that the baby MUST have a hat with bear ears on it. AND – that said hat MUST be worn home from the hospital. In case you missed the entry giving background on some of this insanity, here it is.

So on my way home, I stop in at Baby Gap and I find the hat. And for some reason I’m telling the salesgirl about my plans. And she’s all “Ummm – don’t they give you a hat at the hospital for them to wear home?”

Long psycho pregnant pause which consisted of mini-internal fight with myself – ”Should I slug this bitch? Should I ask her if she wants an effing sale? Should I ask for a manager? Should I scream that if I want my child to wear a goddam Indian headdress home from the hospital then that is what he will wear?”

I forgo the bitching and just ask to be rung up.

Voila – bear hat!!!

Chad’s parents evacuated to our house for the night. (This is the second time they have done this – only to sustain no damage to their home and have no loss of power.) Sadly –we have lost power on both occasions and they have sat there – sweating their lives away – but “afraid” to leave us. I know it’s because of the baby. Anyway – Chad’s going to be posting a very long blog about all the interesting “ramifications” of having the parents over. I dare not say a word.


Anyway – we managed to get the baby’s room almost completely prepped. All the carpet has been ripped out and the room is completely empty with the exception of the queen sized mattress and box spring (which my brother is supposed to come and pick up.)

And then disaster struck.

We’ve had this small leak in our roof which has somehow been dripping into our closet – behind the wall and out onto the carpet, but not onto our clothes or anything. And so we’ve dragged our feet about it and then – the monsoons came on Friday and Saturday and we walked in to discover that our entire closet carpet floor was soaked. And not only was it soaked, but it stunk to high heaven.

So Chad had to rip it all out – we had to take out everything – and then he mopped the cement with some crazy bleach mixture. Nightmare. Of course- there was mold all over the place – that we couldn’t see before.

And then I cried about that. So no telling what’s going to happen – but we’ve contacted the insurance company and we’re working on it.

Anyway – after all of that drama – we got out, ate lunch, went to Babies R’Us where we bought some of the room décor (so we could pick paint colors to coordinate) went to Home Depot and managed to purchase the paint AND the ceramic tile!

So here is the tile and paint (think sand, sun and sea)

And this is kinda the wall concept. I want the waves border at the top. And then creatures painted here and there. BUT – I don’t want them all on one wall like this. I just wanted to showcase the creatures. (I scanned these from the wall hangings we bought this weekend).

So - not too much left to do. We're getting there, slowly but surely.

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