I Have Now Heard It All

September 27, 2005
You know- it’s bad enough that every other day I’m practically having a panic attack because I have possibly been “exposed” to something that could kill me or the baby.

OMG! I just ate a dime-sized lump of feta cheese!

OMG! I forgot to heat up my deli meats to steaming before I had a sandwich!

OMG! I just watched an episode of The Surreal Life on VH1!

And just this morning, as I was going about my daily routine and watching what should be the very harmless Good Morning America, I heard this:


I particularly loved the part of the segment where they talked about how sad it is that most of the time, it’s an expecting family that will purchase a brand-new car for the baby never even knowing the toxins within. (In case you didn't know - we just bought a brand new Camry about a month ago. . . for the baby, of course!)

So- I present to you – my new “driving hat.”

Ya think that will take care of just about everything?

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