Mama Drama

September 29, 2005

Well yesterday was a day that will go down in infamy!

Let’s see – not last night, but the night before at about 3:30 am– I was getting ready to change positions in bed (which takes an act of congress in itself) and as I’m kind of stretching and twisting a bit – I hear this loud POP!

It came from my ribcage on the left side.

Then pain. BAD PAIN!

I manage to get into a comfortable position and the pain sort of throbs away. But with each movement I can feel it.

Now – I’m thinking – Chad is out of town. I’m not going to the ER. The doctor’s office doesn’t open until 8:00 . . .

Well – I tell myself it’s only a muscle strain – and then I proceed to get up and get ready for work – all of which is quite painful.

I call the doctor’s office on the way to work and get the same old questions –

“Are you bleeding?”

“Are you having contractions?”

Of course when I say no- they’re all “Okay –someone will call you back.”

I mean –you could tell these bitches “Ummm – a MEAT CLEAVER is lodged in my skull” and they’d still be all :

“Contractions? Bleeding? No? We’ll call back.”

Anyway – so the DOCTOR calls me back (usually it’s the nurse) so I think this is awesome.

So I describe the events and the subsequent (and current) pain and she tells me:

“Well- it sounds like you cracked a rib there. Those are all the classic symptoms. The loud pop. The pain.”


She tells me that even if they xrayed me it wouldn’t make a difference. A cracked rib is kinda like a broken pinky toe. You just have to sweat it out until it heals.


So she calls in some pain meds that are safe for pregnant women and tells me to go home, rest and wrap up my abdomen in ace bandages.

And so I go to the pharmacy and get the drugs and bandages and go home and make many pathetic attempts to try and get comfortable in the bed. You know –it really sucks when you can’t even be comfortable in a bed.

(Oh –if you are wondering why this isn’t very “well written” it’s because I’m stoned out of my mind right now –the ONLY way I could possibly be at work today! Yes, I said “at work today” because I’m TOUGH! Because I’m a TROOPER! Okay okay – because I have drugs. AND MIGHT I ADD- that the DOCTOR said it was SAFE and OKAY for me to take these meds and I’m not going to sit around and freak out and second guess it. I’m just going to follow the medical advice and feel damn good for a few days. And if that makes me seems like Mommie Dearest – well – take it up with my doctor!)


Anyway – so here I am.

Luckily, Mr. Jude hasn’t been around the injured area too much since yesterday. Smart kid.

Ugh –now I’m drowsy. But – I’m going to stick it out.

Tomorrow we’re going to give the 3-D ultrasound another shot. I hope I’ll have some awesome images to post tomorrow. And then I have my regular appointment with the doctor.

So –that’s the drama as of late.


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