Why Don’t We Just Name Him Andre?

October 03, 2005

The baby is gargantuan.

The baby is colossal.

All this according to my regular visit on Friday afternoon.

He weighs almost 5 pounds and he’s only supposed to weigh 3 or something.

Well – let me backtrack . . . on Thursday night and Friday morning – I was in such pain – lower abdominal – that I couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t go in to work. I could barely walk.

We did go to our 3D ultrasound – once again – no good. Nothing to post.

Then we went to the regular appointment.

She gave me a pelvic and was like – WHOA this baby is LOW and HUGE!!!

I mean – I knew he’d been hanging out in my pelvis because of the EXCRUTIATING PAIN!!!

So they wanted to do an ultrasound to get measurements and estimate the weight. Which is when they came up with this 5 pound number – well – actually more like 4 pounds and 12 ounces (but apparently they’re rounding up.)

Anyway – so I felt a bit better this weekend. Figured that the pain was due in part to big boy, gas, and bad constipation – which I think is taken care of. Had my baby shower – will post all the deets later.

Anyway – this morning I get a call from the nurse – telling me that she’s got “kinda bad news.”

Cue heart attack.

She said that my doctor has been studying the sonograms from Friday.

Cue racing thoughts of harelip discoveries, birth defect findings, an odd number of digits, and other freakish things

She said that she really thinks the baby is just too big.


And that even though I passed the first glucose screen, I’m going to have to take the 3 hour test – because I just may have gestational diabetes.

Cue internal sobbing and screaming.

So now I have to go in tomorrow and do all of this.

Not happy.

Words . . . running . . .out.

Shower stuff later.

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