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October 06, 2005
So Chad forgot to bring the digi-cam to NYC this week. And thus – I’ve smuggled it to work and uploaded photos – instead of having to wait and wait and w a i t for him to send them to me.

So, even though I’m now 33 weeks – here’s a photo of me at 32 weeks in my lovely new “shower outfit.”

I think I mentioned the swelling before.

Well – I decided to attempt to photograph it. Really it gets much worse than this, but . . . AND – my foot this morning wasn’t totally non-swollen. Usually you can see the bones on the top, ya know?

Okay – on to less disgusting things . . .

Here’s the nursery progress so far. The guy in the top right is Bennet. He’s going to do the whole mural part of the painting - hopefully over the weekend. Then the next step is the floor –then furniture and other goodies . . .

Anyway – here’s Bennet’s blog

And last but not least – this was my impulse purchase a few days ago when I bought my GIANT purse.

I don’t know if I mentioned the giant purse. It’s really a messenger bag – but I like it. Although it looks like a normal purse that someone just super-sized. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. So as of now – my purse can kick your purse’s ass!!! Sadly –I have no giant purse photo . . .yet.

Okay – so about the photo. Last year before I was even pregnant, I had this thought that maybe this year we would get to feature our newborn infant on our Christmas card (thus I didn’t buy the very cute dachshund ones on sale last year). And I had a vision of the tiny baby in a little Santa suit- tacky as that sounds. And so . . .


He’ll never forgive me.

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