Time is NOT on My Side

October 07, 2005
Sorry no flashback. I had a great idea for one but it turns out the thing that I needed to scan to make it all work the thing thats been sitting here for weeks in my office in a bag was just brought home Wednesday.

And so I dont have it to scan.

And so no flashback.

But Im in such a bad mood.

Turns out that over the last 2 weeks I have lost NINETEEN HOURS!!!!

The cracked rib. The last Friday of tortuous pain in the lower abdomen (missed a whole day for that.) The 3 hour glucose screen of Tuesday which took about 4 hours. And today Im going back to the 3-D ultrasound and I think this will be my last attempt.

Anyway so now almost 3 whole days lost! 2.375 days to be exact.


Im telling you right now these Aflac people better come through. Im about to go back through my calendar and make an itemized list of every doctors appointment since July and how much time it cost me. And then Im going to send in a claim. And Id better not hear any quacks from them.


Look at this:


Explanation here

I dont know whether to laugh or cry.

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