Friday Flashback: The “Other” Best Day of My ENTIRE Life

October 14, 2005

In conjunction with the previous flashback featuring the 14 year-old idiot teen girl that I scarcely claim as myself– (link here) – I decided to post an EVEN MORE INTERESTING entry.

This entry was also “the best day of my entire life.” Go figure.

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Couldn’t you just – like – DIE?

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So what’s all the fuss about, you may be asking?

Well here are the callers:

We knew him then as the “shy guy.” Now we realize he just needed to a Paxil prescription. Introducing Jon Knight (with lipstick!)

And here we have the nipple-licious Jordan Knight (who recently made an ass of himself on VHI’s The Surreal Life).

Of course - here’s the whole awesomely cute gang!

Yes – that is Jordan’s “tail” that they’re stretching across their faces to make fake “moustaches.” Oh my GOD – I’m dying from the cleverness and cuteness.

And here is the PROOF beetches!

And of course – the typed document with adult Ginger commentary in red.

Sadly, it is only today, 16 years later, that I can admit my shameful secret. I was secretly disappointed that Joe didn’t say “hey” on the answering machine. After all, he was totally my fave and I’d planned our wedding and everything.


Glad that’s finally off my chest.

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