Left work early . . .

Hello again! Another day . . .

Just having a little down time before I begin the cycle of tiredness again - have to take my bath tonight because tomorrow is my early day. I have to leave the house at 7:00 so I can be at the allergist for 7:30. I started taking allergy shots about 6 weeks ago. They give you your shot and you have to wait for 20 minutes so they can make sure you don't morph into something horrible and then you go. Then I go. I think they are working - but one can't be too sure, considering my symptoms were really bad this time last year, I guess, and who remembers how bad they felt a year ago?

The pin test was really interesting. I think I got stuck 67 times or something. But they don't just stick you, they make you sit there and wait to have a reaction. It's quite grotesque. You end up with these giant mosquito-bite looking things all over your arm.

The most revealing allergy: I'm allergic to dogs!!! I was in shock! To think - my own son's skin flakes were slowly killing me as the days passed . . . Nah - it's not that bad, but . . . they said he definitely shouldn't sleep in the bed with me. Tell that to him, I told them. He still does and I don't see how it's affecting me for the worst or anything.

I left work at 10:30 today. I don't know why I felt so run down. Maybe it's the time change . . . but I just couldn't bear the thought of staying all day. My boss had a meeting today with a ton of handouts - and all I could think was, if I have to get my damn suitcase and hall all that crap downtown and park at a meter and walk to the building and haul that stuff in the building and pass out the materials and smile and make small talk - well - then I'm going to DIE! I'm going to collapse right there on the street.

So - I came home and slept for a few hours. I feel a ton better now. Plus Chad got some of his friends to come over and I think they have fixed our air conditioner!!!! YAY! It's been on the fritz for the last few weeks and it hasn't started to get really hot just yet but everyday - we got more and more worried - because the weather is just like this ticking time bomb of pain. Just waiting to explode into a heat that sears your very soul! (waxing poetic - it's getting late)

So - nothing much else is new. I need to lose weight!!!!!!!! AGH!! I think that's the biggest part of my problem. It's affecting everything. I don't know what to do anymore.

Well - I will sign off for now. More tomorrow when my head is clearer.

Au revoir!

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