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October 27, 2005
Sorry Ive been away for awhile. Actually, Ive been in the process of moving my blog. I wasnt going to say anything until it was done but . . . too much time has gone by and I felt like writing.

Im only moving to blogger. I wanted to go someplace better but someone (AHEM) felt like paying for blog hosting was the equivalent of literally snatching food out of our unborn childs mouth and how could I even dare think paying for blog hosting was a priority given the circumstances?

Well whatever. It was only like $50 a year but . . . fine. Fine.

Its not like I have some HUGE collection of readers or anything not that Im complaining. Im very happy to have any readers AT ALL if you want to know the truth.

Besides with more readers come a lot more crap. Assvice. Criticisms. Hate mail. Ive been lucky enough to have not gotten any of that.

Anyway so about the cryptic title . . .

Well I went to the doctor yesterday for my 36 week visit. Can you believe its 36 weeks already!?!

Anyway at this appointment we got to have another sonogram to see just how gigantic junior is. Hes 7 pounds 6 ounces as of yesterday. He should only be about 5, 3.

Soooo I have all of these visions and dreams of the doctor pulling out a large calendar and saying

Well since hes so large we should probably induce around week 38. Does Tuesday look good for you? Or would Wednesday work better?

I know, I know very shitty and Britney Spears-ish of me. But it wasnt like I was demanding a c-section to keep my cooch intact or anything. Ill still sacrifice the cooch. I just want to know a day.

Well no such luck.

She said she wants me to try and go to 39 weeks.

Thats like saying

I want you to try and put both ankles behind your head


I want you to try and not breathe for the next 24 hours.

Oh well. I know many more women have suffered much worse. Im not the first and I wont be the last.

And yet

Its so strange being at this stage. You do feel somewhat alone and almost like no one has ever gone through this before. In a way its almost true because my body has never experienced it.

Anywho as far as pain goes. Theres plenty in the lower back and pelvis. It hurts to stand for too long (i.e., 2 minutes). It hurts to sit for too long. It hurts to even LAY DOWN! And yet I press on.

Actually right now Im okay. See thats the weird thing about pregnancy. One day youll have this symptom and youll think well, guess Im going to be miserable with this shit until the end. And then the next day its gone. Its quite strange.

Anyway last night was our Halloween Pokeno. I decided to dress as a bowling ball. My friend Karen went as my pin. Sadly I have no pics of Karen but a few of me.

You can actually see how exhausted I am at the end of the day. I was totally going to photoshop some lipstick on myself but - eh what the hell?

And another where I look even more exhausted.

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