Let the compliments begin!

So - today I heard my first "I can REALLY tell you've lost weight" comment. It was very sincere. I suppose it's because these pants are so baggy.
Although I haven't lost any more weight. Still holding steady at 26 pounds. My guess is that these workouts are helping me to lose inches.
Made up a new word and definition
GYM-NO-SPHERE: the time of the day (usually between 3:30 and 4:30) where you try to convince yourself why you can't go to the gym that afternoon, racking your brain for various excuses - trying to get a headache, etc.
I'm still in the gymnosphere and it's after 5:00. I DID go yesterday, though. Perhaps I should let my body rest (AH! The number one excuse!)
Anyway - i need to wrap things up around here. Just tired. Chad and I are supposed to be going out somewhere tonight. Should be fun.
Well - will write more later. It's been a busy week.
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Our First Baby is Due on November 23!!!
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