She Bangs

January 28, 2005
Becoming quite obsessive over the fact that I now have bangs.

For those of us whose last bang experiment was circa 1990 and included lots of hairspray, curling irons and the constant need to achieve just the right height, this is terrifying. The 1990 me would immediately attack this fringe with a teasing comb and a bottle of Aqua Net. The 1990 me would hate the fact that these bangs are (gasp) so very flat. Of course, why in the hell would I want to take advice from that 15 year old jersey-haired bitch? Perhaps I have a photo? Ill have to check into that when I get back to my own desk/database of photos. Im at the front desk again of course!

I just feel so different. I feel like Ive literally changed hair species and now Im one of these bang people. Im linked with this breed who believe that foreheads should be hidden from the view of all. Kinda like the Victorians with their ankles, huh?

Anyway so I unveil the hair at work to a variety of responses all relatively good, but all comparing me to someone. Dr. R said it looked teacherish. Scowl. Another woman said I looked like Agent 99 whoever that is. I blinked and mumbled Mission Impossible? and she told me where it came from, but I dont remember it. Georgi said it looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Terminal. YAY GEORGI!!! Wendy said it was awesome! Good for you too, Wendy. Last night I showed my sister who loved it and Rachael. Rachael only grimaced, stood back and said Let me get the full picture, here. In the end she said it was cute.

Yeah so maybe having short hair makes me look fatter, but oh well. You only live once and Ive wanted to wear my hair like this for as long as I can remember. So why wait until Im thinner? I mean I wont be sporting spaghetti strapped tank tops anytime soon, but I think all this Ill just wait until Im thin or I cant wear that until Im thin is just a big pile of bullshit and Im sick of thinking it. Im sick of saying it. Hell, Im even sick of hearing myself say it.

In other news, I didnt just do one thing yesterday that scared me (the bangs), I did TWO things. The other thing was not necessarily on purpose.


This has been one of my biggest fears forever! I mean, Ive literally had panic attacks thinking that the gas was just at a trickle and I would run out. Well, somehow I did. I wont go into too much detail but I will just say that, although you think youre getting 360 miles to every full tank dont necessarily bet on that.

Anyway as miracles would have it it died at the gas station, five feet from the pump that just happened to be on the side that my tank is on AND that just happened to be the only pump in that section of pumps that was working. I had to put it in neutral and sorta walk/push it closer to the pump but I did it. I filled up and was good to go.

I cant believe that. Okay so maybe Im not the unluckiest person in the world.

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