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June 16, 2005
Well – I saw the cardiologist today.

Everything is GREAT!!!

He said it appeared that I’ve suffered no damage to my heart because of the chemo and the radiation and that everything looks great. He said the only thing I need to worry about is what to name the baby!

And speaking of baby . . .

I totally convinced the echo cardiogram nurse to look in my belly!!!!


And I saw my Beanie!!!

Much bigger these days and quite a little mover. Beanie was thrashing around all over the place – doing flips and twists – it was like watching an ice-skating competition in there! I saw the long arms and long legs, little hands and feet, but could NOT see what Beanie is hiding in the nether regions. At one point, I saw the tummy and the umbilical cord hanging right between the legs – covering whatever is there.

Anyway – I guess it’s good that I didn’t see because Chad wasn’t there and he would’ve been bummed out.

So – I was crying and the nurses were crying (because they rarely get any pregnant women in there). It was awesome! What a miracle! Sadly they couldn’t print out any pictures, but . . . they’re all locked in my mind.

Writing out that $25 copay check I thought to myself –

This is the best 25 bucks I have ever spent.

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