The Birth of the Shmoo

June 30, 2005
Well – it’s Chad’s birthday today. 32 years ago he graced the world with his presence!!! Sadly, he’ll be spending today alone in Phoenix . . .

However – he will have “a little something” to keep him company later on. I won’t divulge any more information; because he may read this before the “little something” arrives.

In any case – life is pretty good. The baby is moving around quite a bit these days. I think I felt “flutters” at least five or six times last night. Pretty cool.

Oh and our little wonder is already a caring and loving individual. Just look what was sent to Dad via the womb . . .

Which has gotten me to thinking – I certainly already have a big agenda for this kid. It’s scaring me more than just a little.

So far, this child is supposed to:

1. Reunite me with my old best friend.
2. Somehow bring my mother back from Minnesota to live near us.
3. Solve the problem of Chad and I sleeping in different beds.
4. If it’s a girl – change Chad’s entire view on women and prevent him from ever eating at Hooter’s again or saying “DAMN” when he sees a big-breasted hottie. (He will instead say “Where’s that woman’s father and why did he allow her to dress that way!?!”)
5. Save our lives with its banked cord-blood.

Sorry Beanie – I’ll try not to push these expectations on you. I’ll try to keep them to myself.

One thing is for sure –Beanie will change things regardless. He/She’s already changed so much about my life (and my ligaments).

It’s so wild to think that Chad and I are going to increase the world population by one. I mean – here we are, just going about our business and suddenly we’re affecting the world census. Another human being – coming to planet earth, sponsored by Chad and Ginger. How wild is that???

Well – guess I will close for now and get some damn work done. Flashback tomorrow!

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