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July 27, 2005
Sorry for not writing sooner. I hope nobody thought I was on the verge of suicide or anything.

No Im MUCH better today than I was on Monday. Im going to chalk it up to hormones. For one thing Ive realized that every pregnancy is different whether youre fat or thin or what . . . Every woman has her own unique pregnancy experience. Theres never been another me before and theres never been another Jude so thus of course Im alone in this. But in a good way.

Anyway to be proactive I went to my online support group for overweight pregnant women and expressed my woes to them. I got a good many responses ladies left me email addresses and phone numbers- so I feel like Ive built up a nice little community of help for myself from women who are most like me in this. One woman is 349 and shes about to deliver. She says if she can make it, then so can I at a much lesser weight.

Anyway Im 23 weeks today and Im feeling pretty good. Im trying not to feel sorry for myself and drink lots of water. These seem to be two magical things. Which, sadly, means that I must completely kick my Dr. Pepper habit.

Id become quite a Pepper in the last week or two, guzzling down DP (both caffeine free and regular) like it was the elixir of life.


And not only that but we could have this going on in there:

Sorry but it just wouldnt be a good day with photoshop fun!

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