31 Weeks

September 21, 2005
Well – I’m 31 weeks today and I actually have belly pics!!! Really it’s just the one I took awhile back and then the one I took yesterday.

We attempted to have our 3D sonogram done and it was going to be this glorious surprise for family members and I was going to post the pictures – but someone wasn’t cooperating. Not only that – but the tech said I needed to be farther along.

I was like “Ummm – I’m 31 weeks today.”

And she was all – “Yeah but I think we need another 2 weeks.”

So, perhaps in two weeks we’ll have some good images to post.

I only have 44 more work days. My GOD – I cannot wait! I mean – I know it will be work, but . . .

Anyway – here’s the latest side-by-side. I guess I haven’t gotten that humongous. And NO I won’t be posting any “bare belly” shots. I don’t think the world is ready for the stretch marks.

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