Good Thursday

Bonjour mes amis! Just returned from a boooooooooring meeting at the conference center. I had the nods the whole time. But - I have a nice little notepage full of information so at least I will look like a dilligent little note-taker to my boss.

Then I went to visit Chad, which was relatively uneventful. He had a stack of skinny pictures of me which made me a little nervous. I remember giving him the pics a long time ago, but I have no idea why he would have a stack of them on his desk. I was like "are you showing people how good your wife 'used' to look?"

He was like "no no" - but he was never really clear on why he had them out. I didn't press the issue. He does strange things at times - for very strange reasons.

Today has been interesting. It's gone by pretty quickly. It's actually Friday for us because we have tomorrow (good friday) off. Don't know why they call it good friday. I don't think Jesus thought of it as "good". But - oh well...

This easter should be interesting. Chad's brother, who is a professional chef, will be cooking a traditional easter dinner for us, complete with leg of lamb - which I've never had before. There's no telling what sort of desserts he'll bring. For Christmas he brought homemade baklava - it was so good you could almost cry.

It's really cute to watch Chad and his brother talk. Chad's a big guy - footballplayer-ish, and Brandon is more tennis player-ish. It seems that everytime they get together, there is a ritual or Brandon telling Chad about new dishes he's come up with or tried lately and Chad egging him on for more information. Anyway - so Brandon will be describing some dish he's just created, some jasmine-infused rice with a rose cream sauce or something and Chad will be sitting there, his eyes as big as saucers, a huge grin on his face- like a dog staring into a butcher's window.

It's so funny to see.

His family is pretty funny - nice as can be! Especially his mom!

Well - I will close for now. Need to check on a few things here. More later.

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