All my bags are packed, I知 ready to go . . .

Well - i've almost finished packing. Just left out the toiletries I'll use in the morning and then throw those in. Funny how we usually don't refer to them as "toiletries" until we're going on a trip. They always assume their individual personas up until trip time. I mean, you don't go to Wal-Mart saying, "hmmmm I need toiletries" you say "i need deodorant, a new tube of toothpaste, etc"

At least I don't....

Oooh that reminds me. I don't have toothpaste in the bag. I'll have to search for a little tube in the cabinets. If I don't have one, I suppose I can squeeze some into a baggie or put it in a tiny tupperware dish. Hmmmm...

I've been shopping all day long. They're supposed to be taking us to some nice restaurant on Monday night and I felt like my clothes just weren't up to par. So - I decided that I would buy a nice suit jacket and a dressy shirt (with some sparkles or something) and wear that with my black pants and pumps. I figured that would look nice enough.

I found a very nice black crepe jacket on sale for $29 at Foley's today - which was a miracle considering the majority of nice jackets I saw today were over $100. Then I bought a black and white print blouse with tiny clear sequins all over it. I think it will look good. I modeled it for Chad earlier and he liked it. The blouse was $12.99. I'm such a bargain shopper.

For most of the day, I was on this crazy shoe quest. It's one of those situations that I often find myself in. Some spur of the moment thing, really and then suddenlty thousands of conversations are happening in my head between my two shopping personalities - Impulso and Better Judgment Girl. Impulso is always saying things like "well since the jacket was cheaper than you thought and since the shirt was cheap, why don't you add some shoes because remember those shoes you saw that girl wearing at the restaurant last night? those cute little mule heels with the pointy toe? they were so Audrey Hepburn. the shoes you have now are from wal-mart. they are like, three years old. Just imagine how good you would feel in the perfect pair of little black backless heels. It might even make you look "thinner."

And Better Judgment Girl is always countering "you really shouldn't be buying new clothes anyway if you really think about - you're lucky to be getting anything. You should have just ransacked your closet until you found something - my God you're smarter than this! And your shoes are perfect. remember that when you bought them you thought they were audrey-hepburnish too? i mean, so what if they're sling backs! that just means they'll stay on better! You don't need any more shoes for God's sake! do you want to fall into that stupid fucking cliche stereotype of the stupid shoe loving obsessive compulsive female shopper???? you need to get your ass home!"

These two battled for most of the day and then the true captain of clear judgment appeared on the scene. My cell phone rang and it was Chad. "Where in the hell are you? It's almost 6:30!" I had been out since about 10:30 that morning. Impulso couldn't find the right words to reason with him, so I eventually made my way home, shoeless.

Oh well... such is life.

Well - my cousin Gretchen is picking me up at the airport tomorrow. I'm tres excited about seeing her. I guess we will do lunch.

Tonight was a good dinner night. Chad cooked ribs and they were great!

Now we are winding things down and getting ready for bed.

I guess I won't write until I get back unless i somehow have access to a computer in the Big D.

Until then . . .

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