He Spoils Me

Well - today was a good day overall. We still don't have the verdict on Chad's whole work situation, but . . . we should know something next week.

The deal with that is - it's just the 2 of them that run the whole show where he works and his boss was desperately trying to get him fired so that he'd be the only one left and be more "indispensable" Well - his boss has also been having an affair with a young girl in the building which has caused friction in the office and anyway -it's all snowballed into all of this craziness. HR has been calling Chad in for secret meetings about his boss and the boss' indiscretions and the boss is trying to get Chad fired by making up stuff and . . . Anyway- now his boss' fate is in the Commissioner's hands.

Work was good. I'm so excited because Dr. P is ordering the Macromedia Flash Kit for me and she wants to send me to a class. She says it would be an asset to our company if I learned. I was so excited! To actually have someone believe in me.

I used to work in literal hell. I'm not kidding. My old boss acted like he was doing you a favor by putting toilet paper in the bathroom.

Tonight we continued our celebrating and went to Ralph & Kackoo's because Chad wanted seafood. I told him that was fine, since I got to choose last night and that I would find something on the menu.

I tried the grilled Mahi Mahi. It was SO delicious. I've found a new healthy food to love! HURRAH! I didn't think I would like it, but the waitress convinced me and it was great!

She asked if we would like to see the dessert tray, and I said - sure. She brought it out and I saw it - then I politely declined. I was trying to test myself.

Some of this crap is just all in one's head, I'm convinced. We give food this power. It doesn't really have it. It would if we were starving, but we're not. We're bloated and we're obese and we've got to do something about it - society that is.

Anyway - after dinner we went across the street to the Mall and walked around. He bought me more presents for this week's weight loss - the Clinique Happy perfume that I've been wanting forever and some protein powder to add to my smoothies from GNC. He's so spoiling me but he's so happy that I'm feeling good.

He was staring at me tonight at the table and he said

"You know ... you're looking really good lately."

He says I have a glow since I've started eating healthy and that my face looks different - like he can visibly see that I am detoxified.

I thought that was pretty cool.

Well - I will close for now. Much to do this weekend in the arena of cleaning.

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