18 Down!

Iíve lost 18 pounds! Cool!

Oh Iím sleepy. I feel weird. Iím just heating up my lunch and itís already 1:00 pm. I just wasnít hungry until now- and really I donít know if itís hunger or what. I had coffee and a power bar this morning. Then I did a billion letters and was maniacally stuffing them into envelopes as fast as I could (donít know why) and eventually broke out into a cold sweat. So now, Iím still cold, but not sweating Ė yet my stomach is nauseated and I feel weird and floaty. I figured eating a hot meal is the solution. I donít know what else to do.

Anyway Ė Birthday Boy didnít get home until 10:30 last night! Had a variety of unfortunate events happen Ė left his phone at the interview- had to call the guy to meet him and give it back Ė etc. He said he doesnít know about this job Ė the company is ďnewĒ- which always makes him leery. I donít know if I mentioned it before- but he went to California a few years back and was part of the whole dot com disaster. Worked for 3 different companies in 2 years before finally giving up and coming back home. So Ė whenever he hears that ďnew company spielĒ that sounds so like all of the ones he heard in Silicon (Death) Valley, he gets cynical and suspicious. I donít blame him.

Heís still working like a dog at his job now, with the boss being gone- and doesnít even know if heíll get promoted to director. His new supervisor (who has been a complete ASS) encouraged him to apply. So heís thinking- if he applies and they give it to some stuffed shirt, heíll be too angry to stay Ė because heíll have been doing all of the work anyway for a month and not getting paid as much as the new stuffed shirt, whom, by the way, heíll have to teach how to do the job. I guess I can understand the bitterness. Of course, heís doesnít yet have the luxury of just leaving a job. So Ė hopefully heíll find something else or get promoted.

My lunch is heated and sitting here before me, but I feel like Iím going to throw up. I think Iíve figured it out. Itís the coffee. Itís got to be. Looking back on my diary entries, Iíve realized that all the days Iíve felt nauseated in the afternoon are the days that Iíve gotten my mocha in the morning. Shit. Oh well Ė itís too expensive anyway. Almost 4 bucks for the large!

Iím eating now Ė but itís not going so good. I hate feeling like this. I should have brought my anti-nausea meds.

So Ėletís see. What else?

Last night I watched the coolest show on PBS. It was called ďThe Governorís DinnerĒ and was about a recent dinner the White House hosted for all the governors. It showed all that they had to go through to get ready and featured the chefs and the florists, etc. It was so cool.

Just threw away the remainder of lunch.


Iím wondering if coffee irritates your stomach lining. I guess it does. When I had my gastroscope about 3 months ago or so they said I had irritated stomach lining- gastritis, I think itís called. But that it should heal over time. I wonder if coffee fucks things up. I need to look it up.

Now I have the yucko pasta/tomato/garlic taste in my mouth. Not enough mints to get rid of this! Ok Ė Iíll stop complaining.

Tonight is the real birthday dinner- and then weíre going to Samís to shop for party goods. Should be fun Ė although we may be rushed because Samís closes at the ungodly hour of 8:00! I donítí know what that is all about.

Tomorrow Iím only staying a half day Ė taking back more of my comp time. I have to go home and began cleaning like a madwoman to prepare for the party.

Well Ė more later. Back to work.

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