Training, by Georgi!

So – yesterday turned out relatively ok. Après work, I went to Georgi’s to see her new puppy (a golden retriever – very very cute) and then we went to work out at the Y. I asked her to please be my trainer and so she agreed. And thus the pain began. No actually – it was quite exhilarating. We worked on abs and it was so hard!!! But I’m so proud of myself. I did a total of 90 crunches!!! Can you imagine? ME! Anyway – good times all around.

Then went home and Chad cooked steaks for us. It’s funny because I’ve never actually cooked a steak now that I think about it. He always cooks them. He doesn’t trust me with his filets. Hmmm… interesting. Well – when a man insists on doing something kitchen-related – why argue?

I feel that I am mentally doing much better about the whole diet thing. And I’m so grateful for Georgi. At one point yesterday, we were doing our final stretches in the aerobics room and I was looking at my splayed self in the mirror and announced that I looked like the fat chick from Ed. Well – she was like – Oh no! I’m not going to allow any negative talk from you about yourself. No ma’am.

So – I thought that was pretty cool of her. Kind of a little slap of reality.

Work is great. I’m really liking it. My boss and I have a really great rapport. I think that’s so critical for things to work – you know?

So – my mom’s going to be in town on Friday. I’m very excited. She’s coming for my sister’s bridal shower on Saturday. Ah – so much left to do. I need to design some of the game sheets and print them. And then I think we’re going to do Tic Tacs as favors for the wedding with special labels on them that say “Mint to be together.” Won’t that be cute? I think so. We’ll do the cinnamon ones (a dark red), the spearmint (dark green) and the orange so it will have a fall flair. I feel myself getting into “wedding mode” – which I guess it’s a little late for – but I can’t sustain wedding mode for very long – thus the reason why I waited. I’ll over-analyze and burn out if I try obsessing too early.

So the weekend should be a blast. I only hope that Chad will do okay. Chad – as I have mentioned before- is such a strange creature. He’s almost like an infant actually – or some rare species that drops dead if its environment is messed with. My mom will be staying with us – and although he likes my mom, he gets nervous when his environment changes. He’s a very nervous person in general. And I must add that this nervousness expresses itself as anger and frustration and asshole-ishness. Thus it's a problem. I tried to get to the bottom of this problem the other day, by asking him to specify his fears (aka – I went into wifey-shrink mode - a mode I find myself in more and more)

So I was all “Ok – you have anxiety about this weekend because my mother is staying with us. Not too strange – husbands and mother-in-laws are like cats and dogs. So – what does this mean to you?”

He – “It means things will be different.”

Me – “How so?”

He – “Well it means that people will be here to see her and they’ll stay really late.”

Me – “And you’re afraid to tell them to go home?”

He – “Well I don’t want to seem like an ass . . .”

Me – (Laughing)

He – “What?”

Me – (still laughing) – So what does it mean if they stay late?”

He – “It means that I can’t go to sleep when I need to.”

AHA! Eureka!

This all leads back to his sleeping disorders. It’s so very obvious. He really needs a professional.

He said that he will be making extra-special efforts (and possibly taking extra-special xanax) to stay calm because he knows how much we miss our mom and that we only get to see her a few times a year and he loves me and wants me to be happy.

That’s nice.

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.

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