28 to date!

Had a few moments at the front desk so I thought I would drop a line or two.
Yes - have lost 28 as of this morning. Pretty cool! I just feel like I could be losing more if I were actually eating better. Last night we were desperate for chocolate - so I went and got those sundae pies (like the kind they have at Burger King) only these came from Winn Dixie. And then we each ate a piece (well he had two) with hot fudge on the plate and on top. It was sinfully good - but bad. I could probably lose 5 pounds a week if I were being more disciplined. AND I KNOW you're not supposed to lose that much per week, but I have a bridesmaid's dress deadline to meet.
It appears that the only way I would fit in the dress is to have a double mastectomy (GOD FORBID!). I was thinking about binding myself some sort of way - like Gwyneth Paltrow did in Shakespeare in Love. Bet I could do it with a good, long ace bandage. Yeah, that might to the trick. (Imagine the horror of an ace bandage peeking out of the bottom of the dress!)
I will have to figure something out! There are darts in the front that can be taken out.
In the meantime - I'm hitting the gym pretty much daily. However, Georgi and I are volunteering at a conference in New Orleans on Thurs and Fri and you know what food in New Orleans is like. Nightmare! The last time I went, I had enough cream sauces to choke a mule!
At least Georgi will help - considering she is my trainer.
Well - must go for now.
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