Horrific Headband Hair

I face today with horrific headband hair.
I look something like a lion with fuschia lipstick. Horrific.
Guess what folks?
You reap what you sow.
If you sow calories, you will reap pounds.
I've gained FIVE!

(Pause for a scream)

I have to "re-establish contact" with that part of myself that cares. The part of me that doesn't look for love in a bowl of macaroni and cheese. (Which I did on Monday night.)
So right now - I'm going to pray.

(Moment of silence)

Ok - the good news is - I tried on the bridesmaid's dress and though it's quite tight in the tits, it looks great everywhere else. The other great news is that there are 2 darts in the BACK of the dress that can be released. I'll have Chad's mom do it on Sunday when we go over for lunch.
In the meantime, I need to go back to the gym - haven't been in a week.
More soon.

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