November 02, 2004
So – to tell about the bachelorette.

We did have a grand ol time – in spite of my sickness.

Saturday was a pretty wild day altogether. It consisted of me running cleaning house and being annoyed – as I mentioned in an earlier blog about Chad and his nastiness. Which –of course he has apologized for – nonetheless . . .

And then I went shopping - bought the supplies for the naughty banana split – seen here


That’s the one we gave to her.

This is the one I did – MUCH naughtier!

Anyway – so we went out for a night on the Mexican restaurant. Had 2 Ninfaritas – so I was feeling no pain at that point. Jessie has one and claimed that she was drunk – but she’s such a drama-queen.

So then back to my house for games and entertainment. We played the gum game that I might have mentioned. Perhaps not. I found it online at one of those websites that gives you endless game ideas. This was the PG version. You compile a list of questions about the groom (I called Joey the night before and got the answers) and then you ask the bride these questions during the game. Actually each person there takes turns reading a question. For every question she gets wrong she has to chew a piece of gum (no sticks!). (The other version of the game was to force the bachelorette to take a shot for each wrong question.) Anyway – she got 12 questions wrong out of the 26, so she ended up with 12 pieces of gum in her mouth. Nice. Since I don’t want to post too many more pics up on this page – click here!

The thing about the game is – when we were kids, Jessie had this thing for gum. If you had a pack of gum – well – you’d better hide it because she was not only going to chew it – she was going to chew the ENTIRE pack all at one time with utter disregard for your feelings. She was a GUM WHORE as a child. So this game was my little way of saying – Oh you want gum, bitch! I’ll give you GUM!

Ok – so it wasn’t THAT mean-spirited.

Anyway – we had a good time overall. Towards the end of the evening I got the wild hair (pun intended) to dress up like Robert Smith for Chad – which weirded him out a little. He liked it – but I think he was a little frightened of getting “affectionate” if you know what I mean. I mean – he did get affectionate eventually – but we weren’t face to face- ahem. Sorry – TMI – I know.

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