February 01, 2005
I don’t know why I don’t feel like writing lately. Actually – its just that I don’t feel like blogging. I have a few stories that are ready to burst out of me – fiction, mind you. I guess when I get in that other vein – I can’t be in this one. Reminds me of something else, but I won’t go into details – cause it’s gross.

Overall – I think it’s a good sign to get a little sick of talking about yourself from time to time. I mean – one of the “pitfalls” of the whole blog thing is not only being accused of being self-centered, but actually becoming self-centered. Then again – who isn’t “self-centered” to some degree? I mean – my “self” is my only vehicle in life. When I’m driving around, I’m not constantly thinking about someone else’s car – I’m fooling with things in my own. I’m adjusting things and I’m steering and I’m changing the radio stations. I mean – I’m aware of the other cars around me – but I know that the most important one to me is mine.

Does that make sense?

Am I waxing foolishly deep?

Nothing much going on. It’s raining like crazy – which is not the best thing for this new hair. I’ve been invited out for lunch again – but my own insane vanity is saying “hmmm – if you get out of these climate controlled office conditions – your hair will suffer…” How vain is that???? I have a lot of hair vanity, come to think of it. I’m thinking back to when I didn’t want to go the movies wearing a ponytail and scheming of ways to go home early and wash my hair.

Someone like me should not have this issue. For Gods sake, I LOST ALL of my hair! I was freaking bald, people! I was sporting a wig. A damn cute wig, if I may say so myself. (Still so vain.)

In food news: doing good on the “quizzes.” I’m now trying to think of each meal as a little quiz. My average is about 75% these days. Need to bring that up. Failed a cookie test last night. Should have had one and had three. My dinner quiz was okay – didn’t score so high with cheese – but had a salad, so that was good. I’m also trying to eat more smaller meals. This can be dangerous to balance – but so far, so good.

Well – more later. Don’t want to spend to much time in this “vein” and not being able to write my fiction.

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