Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

March 15, 2005
Itís raining today.

A lot.

So much so that I am angry. Well Ė just a little angry.

I feel like Iíve reached some sort of weird point in my life. I was thinking about this the other day as I was driving down Siegen lane Ė just contemplating things.

Iím thinking that Iím NEVER going back to the writerís group. EVER. Why should I, when every meeting is torment? I mean, to put it honestly, Iím a writer, not an editor. Why must I sit there through hours of comments about peopleís stories that I just happened to jump in on Chapter 34 or something and nod and smile and try to think up one constructive thing to say? I donít care about back-scratching either. Donít care at all. Itís like Ė write a chapter, edit seven. No thanks- doesnít seem to add up.

Which made me begin to think that Iím not even that great of a writer either and that I wonít ever be. I tell you Ė itís the HARDEST THING in the world for me to sit down with that book I was working on. I hate it. I despise every sentence. If I had a printout and a good fire going, I would toss it in.

Okay Ė so maybe thatís melodramatic.

Anyway Ė and then Iíve had this throat thing and supposedly itís a virus and thereís nothing you can do but twiddle your thumbs and grin and bear it. Oh Ė and choke down vitamin C chews. I went to the Sample Whore yesterday. You know whatís funny Ė he had NO SAMPLES for me. He went to grab some, and he was all out. Isnít that strange? And then of course, what does it do today Ė it RAINS!!! That will clear me up for sure.

I donít know why Iím so perturbed.

Uh oh Ė

Wild mood swings. Irritability. Sore breasts.


I doubt it seriously. We will know something on Saturday when Iím supposed to start. If I donít, I donít think Iíll start testing until Monday. Then again Ė could just be PMS. Forgot about that.

Our new Weight Watcher lives are going swimmingly. I lost 5 pounds at the first weigh-in and he lost TEN!!! Very cool. Iím hoping for five more this week.

Anyway Ė thatís about all for now. Will let this grouchiness come to a close.

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