Adventures in Hair Continues

March 16, 2005
Im going to get my hair cut again today. Want something with more layers. But not stupid looking. Or anything that makes me look mildly retarded (a quarter of an inch too short on the bangs- and you look like youve got a chromosome to spare.) Ya think I can convey that to the stylist?

Actually, the stylist is a bit angry, if you ask me. I liked her work, but she bitterly told me about how she does all the work around there while the other whores linger at the front of store and drool over the Abercrombie & Fitch associates and shoppers across the way (its in the mall, of all places- but reputable.)

She got particularly ugly with this one twit with pink bangs.

She was all Umm, Britney? Do you think that hair is going to sweep itself?

Then she just would sigh and snip, sigh and snip.

Then she would point out another worker not with her hands, mind you, but with her eyes, since I could see her in the mirror

You see that ho? She is the biggest, most worthless piece of shit Ive ever seen. Sits on her ass 95% of the time.

And then Id say, So you think it should be a side bang or no bang or what?

Cue nervous laughter (from me).

Hopefully shell be in a better mood this afternoon.

Ive arranged a collage of photos for her to look at, which shell probably shred as soon as she steps into the closet to get the little haircut jacket that I cant ever button because Im too fat. I just sheepishly button the top button and hope that no one notices.

Ummm, Ginger? Do you think the damn jacket is going to button itself?

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