Well Im Movin On Up (and downstairs)

April 14, 2005
Well, I am cleaning out my old office and preparing to move into my new one downstairs. The one downstairs has a door!!! Hurrah! I will never understand why they built these upstairs offices the way they did no doors on many of them! Very weird.

Anyway things are okay today. I have been getting encouraging emails from my mom about tomorrow. Im a little worried but I guess I will be okay. I mean here is what I know for sure:

1. I have tested positive for pregnancy.
2. I have all the signs of pregnancy.
3. I have had NO spotting. (sorry if thats TMI)
4. I have had no unexplainable pain.
5. I feel pretty good, except for the fatigue.

What I am expecting:

1. That they will say something negative about my weight.
2. That I will be classified as high risk
3. That I will be put on a special diet.

Hmmm that just gave me a realization. Its the weight. Thats what Im most worried about. Thats the source of all my guilt and worry. And the funny thing is anyone no matter how large or small, can lose a baby.

I still stop myself from time to time and freak out a little. A baby? Me? And a baby?

Nahhhh . . .

Chad is looking forward to the visit tomorrow. I hope that he will be able to come into the room with me. I think a man needs to see the torture of a pelvic exam and the wide variety of metal tools that are plunged into the vagina. Now if for some reason he enjoys this well then well have a problem.

And since I have a woman gynecologist it shouldnt bother him. I can see him having a problem with watching a man do the pelvic. Now, if for some reason he enjoys the fact that she is a woman . . .

So not much going on. Im gearing up for my new job next week. Oh, did I mention I met my new boss? She is so cool!!! Ill call her K. Anyway I could tell from the beginning that she was going to be cool. I told her I was pregnant and she was like Oh my God, thats GREAT! I love babies! Im so excited! This is going to be fun! I thought that was good sign.

Anyway- thats about all for now. I guess I had better get back to cleaning.

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